Zengrams is a puzzle game of blending shapes and colors. Release a shape over another shape and form new colors and new shapes in intersections. Release a shape next to another of the same color and the two shapes become one. The goal of the game is to make your shapes fit in the target area with a limited number of moves. The game consists of 70 puzzles.



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can you please make the game available to purchase for pc please? you seem to have removed the game completely from mobile stores...


Hi, i am working on a new version of the game for the mobile stores so it will become available there again at some point.

THANK YOU for responding! i cannot wait! day one! happy holidays!

can you do more levels pleaaase :) love it, nice minimalistic design with nice puzzles, some super easy and some quiet challenging :) 

UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH     level 31 is hard



Nice game! I did not finish it, yet - but i had a lot of fun already. :D

I solved 62 levels so far (Level 62 can be solved with 5 moves instead of 6). ;)


Thanks! I really tried to find the best solution for each puzzle and set the limit at that, but i just knew i had to fail with some of them. But i herd from several players (back when it was on mobile) that it was a very good experience to complete with moves to spare. I clearly suck at puzzle games :-)


You could turn it into a feature and award a star (or fireworks or something similar) for the achievement. :)